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Lithuanian Language Summer Course 2016

Lithuanian Language Summer Course

On 4-29 July, Vilnius University runs Lithuanian language summer courses. In order to study Lithuanian and get familiar with Lithuanian culture, 66 students have arrived from 22 countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Great Britain, Georgia, United States of America, Spain, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, South Korea, France, Russia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, and Germany. The biggest number of course participants, fifteen, have come from the USA. A number of students are of Lithuanian descent, and their Lithuanian names— Goda, Giedrius, Rasa, Ieva, Liepa, and Žydrė—and surnames give that away.


15 students take the two-week programme and 41 the four-week one. 17 students have joined the courses run by the Department of Lithuanian Studies more than once. 20 participants—professors and students—have come to the courses after receiving funding from the Education Exchange Support Foundation.


Course participants study Lithuanian for four to six classroom hours daily as well as attend lectures on Lithuanian culture (language, literature, history, culture of daily life, social & political life, Vilnius University) and nature. Students take guided tours round Vilnius University and the Old Town after classes and visit the President’s House, National Museum, Museum of Genocide Victims, and National Visitor Centre of Protected Areas. Course participants get to know Lithuanian folk songs and circle dances as well as traditional crafts. They also go to parties and dance and sing along with Ratilio, the folklore ensemble of Vilnius University. On Saturdays, students take guided tours to Kaunas, Trakai, and Rumšiškės.

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