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Lithuanian Language Summer Course 2019

Lithuanian language summer course 2019

Lithuanian Language Course

On 1-26 July, Vilnius University runs a Lithuanian language summer course. 86 students from 32 countries have come to study Lithuanian and get to know Lithuanian culture: Ireland, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Japan, USA, Canada, China, Kosovo, Latvia, Poland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Romania, Russia, Georgia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Germany. 30 course participants have received funding from the Education Exchanges Support Foundation.


Split up into 6 groups in terms of language proficiency, students have four to six academic hours of tuition daily. Lectures on Lithuanian culture (history, language, literature, folklore, ancient traditions, social and political life, culture of daily life) and nature are held in the afternoon. Guided tours round Vilnius University and the Old Town are organised. Students visit the Palace of the Grand Dukes as well as the Museum of Genocide Victims. They also go to parties, learn traditional crafts. Besides, the folk group RATILIO of Vilnius University helps them to get to know Lithuanian songs and dances. On Saturdays, course participants go to Kernavė, Kaunas, and Trakai.

Lithuanian language courses Lithuanian language courses Lithuanian language courses
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