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ALTE Membership

ALTE is constituted as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). Full membership of the association is only open to organisations from member countries of the European Union and European Economic Area. However, it is possible for EEIGs to admit Associate Members, the main difference being that Associate Members do not have voting rights within the EEIG.


There are 2 types of ALTE members:

  1. Full members: organisations based within the EEA and whose primary activity is producing tests of their language as a second or foreign language who satisfy the criteria for membership and who have duly and successfully completed the ALTE auditing procedure.
  2. Associate members: organisations which fulfil the criteria for full audited membership but which have their legal place of establishment outside the EEA.

Full membership

The usual procedure for an organisation wishing to join ALTE as a full member is first to send a letter to the ALTE Secretariat setting out an interest in joining. The interested organisation should provide information about the examinations it produces such as:

  • their levels

  • how many people take them

  • who sets them and how they are administered

  • what kind of statistical analyses of results are carried out

  • any new examinations which are planned for the future

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