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Project Title: Language Usage and National Identity in Urban Areas of Lithuania (Cities and Languages)

Project Manager:

  • Prof.  Dr. Meilutė Ramonienė

Executing Institution:

  • Vilnius University 

Participating Institutions:

  • Vytautas Magnus University
  • Institute of the Lithuanian Language


 The State Studies Foundation

Duration of the Project:

  • 2007 - 2009

Aim of the Project:

  • The Project aims at analysing the relationship between the languages used in major cities and towns of Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda) and the population’s ethnic identity, identifying the prospects of preserving the language-related ethnic identity.

Objectives of the Project:

The Project has the following objectives:

  • To research languages used at home in major cities and towns of Lithuania, identify dominating and other languages and language varieties, their choice for use and viability; to perform a quantitative survey of schoolchildren between 8 and 10 years in the framework of the international questionnaire of the city language research project and the general principles.
  • To carry out quantitative analysis of languages and language varieties used by the adult population of major cities and towns of Lithuania in various spheres of life and their linguistic attitudes as well as their relation with the national identity: to perform a representative survey into language proficiency level and language use in public and private spheres, to investigate tendencies of usage of spoken and written language, linguistic attitudes and their relation with the ethnic identity.
  • To carry out qualitative analysis of selected respondent groups according to their work areas and ethnic affiliation, language proficiency level, actual use of language varieties in various spheres and the respondents’ linguistic attitudes as well as the relationship with the ethnic identity and its preservation in the process of globalization.
  • On the basis of the research results, to prepare recommendations for the guidelines of language policy and language planning.
  • To set up a webpage for announcing the research results of the Project and its dissemination. 
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