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Promoting Easy-to-Read Language for Social Inclusion (PERLSI)

Project Number

  • 2020-1-LV01-KA204-077527 

Project Timeframe

  •  1 October 2020 - 1 October 2022  

Project Aims

  • The project aims at developing a comparative study of EtR ecology in project countries. All planned IOs of the project have a comparative angle, thus ensuring an innovative perspective and outputs. The international dimension of the project allows to ensure the best practice transfer acquired by the partners through other ERASMUS projects and offers a comparative angle to less spoken languages of the EU (LV, LT, SL). This strategic partnership aims at innovation and good practices to promote literacy and up-skilling through development of methodological and educational materials.

Project Outcomes

  • A comparative study of the situation in the project countries regarding the acceptance of the EtR by persons with permanently or temporarily limited reading proficiency as well as EtR writers, translators and researchers and by the general public.
  • A comparative study of EtR guidelines for the languages of the project countries.
  • An on-line course for EtR translators and writers.
  • Multi-language OER containing dictionaries of synonyms with recommended words and other EtR materials.
  • Graded Readers.
  • EtR level descriptors and performance standards. 

Project Partners

  • The Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Latvia
  • The Easy-to-Read Agency (Latvia)
  • Zavod RISA (Institute RISA, Centre for general, functional and cultural literacy, Slovenia)
  • The Information collection and dissemination center (IKSC, Lithuania)
  • The Institute of Applied Linguistics at  Vilnius University 
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