Vilniaus Universitetas


On-line Lithuanian Course Level A2 (for Brazilian Lithuanian School 'Vilnis')

Project Manager:

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Loreta Vilkienė

      Executing Institution:

      • Vilnius University


        • Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania

        Project Duration:

        • 2015

        Aim of the Project:

        • Prepare an on-line Lithuanian course level A2 aimed at adults studying with a teacher.

        Goals of the Project:

        • Prepare course materials for eleven topics as well as progress tests at the end of each topic.
        • Prepare course illustrations for eleven topics, including pictures and pictorial stories.
        • Prepare materials for audio recordings, record and add them to a learning website.
        • Prepare materials for videos with grammar explanations, shoot and integrate them into a learning website.
        • Prepare a grammar compendium as a separate manual.
        • Based on the course materials, prepare a learner‘s list of words in Lithuanian and English, i.e. a concise dictionary.
        • Prepare teacher‘s materials.
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