Vilniaus Universitetas


The Language of Emigrants

Project Manager:

  • Prof Dr Meilutė Ramonienė 

Executive Body:

  • Vilnius University


  • Lithuanian Language State Commission

Project Duration:

  • 2011-2013 

Project Objective:

  • To analyse the present-day sociolinguistic and ecolinguistic situation of old and recent Lithuanian emigration waves, linguistic behaviour and repertoire of recent and old emigrants, choice of linguistic varieties in diverse areas of private and public life, linguistic attitudes, correlations with national identity, and ethnolinguistic vitality. 

Project Goals:

  • To quantitatively investigate linguistic behaviour, linguistic repertoire, choice of linguistic varieties in use, linguistic attitudes and correlations with national identity and ethnolinguistic vitality in Lithuanian emigrants
  • To qualitatively analyse Lithuanian language proficiency, actual use of linguistic varieties in different areas, linguistic attitudes, bond with national identity and its retention under the circumstances of globalisation and emigration, and ethnolinguistic vitality 
  • To explore the phenomena of the loss of the Lithuanian language and code change in emigrants of different generations and different age
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