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Lithuanian Language Courses

Lithuanian Language Course

Lithuanian Language Courses

The Department of Lithuanian Studies at Vilnius University offers Lithuanian language courses for foreign students.

Course Duration Price
Course for scholarship holders4 weeks, winter, 100 academic hours-
Course A4 months, autumn and/or spring, 352 academic hours1448 EUR
Course B22 weeks, summer, 50 academic hours434 EUR
Course B44 weeks, summer, 100 academic hours
666 EUR
Course D22 weeks, winter, 50 academic hours348 EUR
Course D44 weeks, winter, 100 academic hours670 EUR
Course E3 months, autumn & spring, 50 academic hours174 EUR
Course F3 months, autumn & spring, 70 academic hours261 EUR

Language classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. The language of instruction is Lithuanian, except for grammar explanations in English for beginners. Intermediate and advanced groups also have lectures on Lithuanian history, ethnic culture, and social and political life.

The Lithuanian Language Evening Course is also offered. Classes are held twice a week for a period of three months.

Beside Lithuanian language classes (4 to 6 academic hours a day), a cultural programme is available during the Summer Courses: guided tours of Lithuania (Trakai, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Rumšiškės, etc.), visiting museums, and lectures on Lithuanian culture.

After completion of the course students will receive a course attendance certificate.

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