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Lithuanian Language Course

Lithuanian Language Four-week Winter Course for Students, Lecturers and Researchers

Four-week Winter Course
Duration4 weeks, 100 academic hours
Dates of Classes8 January 2018 - 2 February 2018
Dates Including Arrival & Departure6 January 2018 - 4 February 2018
AssessmentWritten examination
  • The Education Exchanges Support Foundation offers Lithuanian state scholarships for students, lecturers and researchers of foreign countries to attend Lithuanian language and culture winter course.
  • The candidate has to be a student, lecturer or researcher of a higher education and research institution of the particular country (applicable for the candidates from the Eastern Partnership, ASEM and all other countries).
  • The candidate has to have good knowledge of Lithuanian, English or other language required to study the chosen courses (the minimum of B1 level of study language command according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • All the requirements can be foundon the website of the Education Exchange Support Foundation.

Registration for the Lithuanian Language Course

  • Students, lecturers and researchers of foreign countries should apply here.
Lithuanian language winter course Lithuanian language winter course Lithuanian language winter course
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