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Lithuanian Language Course

Lithuanian Language Two-week & Four-week Winter Course (Course D2 & D4)

The Lithuanian language winter course is held in January. There are two or three language classes every day as well as cultural classes in the afternoon on some days. Guided tours and excursions by bus are organised for students after classes and on weekends.

Two-week Winter Course (Course D2)
Duration2 weeks, 50 academic hours
Dates6-17 January 2020
Price348 EUR
AssessmentWritten examination

Four-week Winter Course ( Course D4)
Duration4 weeks, 100 academic hours
Dates6-31 January 2020
Price670 EUR
AssessmentWritten examination

Registration for the Lithuanian Language Course

  • Students can sign up  for the two-week or four-week Lithuanian language winter course until 5 January 2020 if there are vacancies left.
  • Students cannot register for the course if they cannot obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Lithuania themselves. Vilnius University does not provide visas of any kind to foreign students.
Lithuanian language winter course Lithuanian language winter course Lithuanian language winter course
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