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Lithuanian Language Courses

Lithuanian Language Course

Lithuanian Language Two-week & Four-week Summer Course (Course B2 & B4)

Lithuanian language summer course

Two classes are held in the morning every day and on some days there is a lecture in the afternoon. We not only teach Lithuanian to our students during the Summer Course but also offer lectures on Lithuanian history, culture, political life, etc. There is a wide cultural programme after the lectures and at weekends.

Two-week Summer Course
Duration2 weeks, 50 academic hours
Dates1-14 July 2020
Price434 EUR
AssessmentWritten examination

Four-week Summer Course
Duration4 weeks, 100 academic hours
Dates1-28 July 2020
Price666 EUR
AssessmentWritten examination

Registration for the Lithuanian Language Course

  • Students can sign up for the four-week Summer Course until 30 June 2020 if there are vacancies left.
  • Students cannot register for the course if they cannot obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Lithuania themselves. Vilnius University does not provide visas to foreign students.
  • Students can stay in the university dormitory during the summer course.
Lithuanian Summer Course


Allison Germain

Summer Course 2014 in LITHUANIA


Participating in the program in Vilnius was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had abroad. It’s amazing how much I learned about Lithuania and how much my language skills improved in a month. The program is excellently run by the Department of Lithuanian Studies at Vilnius University, featuring several hours of course work a day, an excellent lecture series given in both Lithuanian and English, and planned weekend excursions around the area. I appreciated that the program has five levels of language courses and works hard to place you in the right class. The experience was the right balance between challenging and flexible; I learned so much but was free to explore and get to know the other people in the program really well. And, of course, not enough can be said about the city itself. Vilnius is a gem of a capital: clean but not whitewashed, proud of its beautiful cathedrals and courtyards, and willing to show its Soviet past.  And then there are surprises like the artists’ neighborhood Užupis or the enlightening KGB museum in the former prison. I can’t wait to go back. As the bank of the river Neris says, Vilnius, Aš tave myliu! – I love you!


Allison Germain

PhD Candidate and Undergraduate Adviser

Department of Linguistics

University of Washington

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