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Lithuanian Language Course

Lithuanian Language Two-week Summer Course (Course C)

Lithuanian language summer course

Two classes are held in the morning every day and on some days there is a lecture in the afternoon. We not only teach Lithuanian to our students during the Summer Course but also offer lectures on Lithuanian history, culture, political life, etc. There is a wide cultural programme after the lectures and at weekends.

Two-week Summer Course
Duration2 weeks, 50 academic hours
Dates2-13 July 2018
Price434 EUR
AssessmentWritten examination

Registration for the Lithuanian Language Course

  • Students can sign up until 1 July 2018 if there are vacancies left.
  • Students cannot register for the course if they cannot obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Lithuania themselves. Vilnius University does not provide visas of any kind to foreign students.
  • Candidates applying for Lithuanian state scholarships are eligible only for the four-week Lithuanian Language Summer Course.
Lithuanian language summer course Lithuanian language summer course Lithuanian language summer course
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